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Marlow Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Marlow has an attractive riverside location; it's historic - first recorded in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book and valued at the princely sum of £25; it's handily positioned for two motorways into London; and it teems with life in the High Street shops and the myriad of restaurants and pubs.

The story starts with the river. Standing on the 19th century suspension bridge, twinned with the only other by its designer in Budapest, you will have a spectacular view of the Thames, the weir, Compleat Angler Hotel and lock. Nearby is the rowing club which has as its most famous member Sir Steve Redgrave winner of a gold medal in five successive Olympic Games. The Regatta is a popular event each year.

If walking is your hobby, some of the most picturesque stretches of the Thames and surrounding countryside can all be reached either on foot or via a short drive from Marlow.

Harleyford golf club can be found nearby. The town boasts quite good rugby and football clubs. Of course the national teams are frequent visitors to Bisham Abbey for training purposes.

Click here for information on events in Marlow and a list of restaurants, cafés and pubs.

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